That Happy Feeling
A podcast about all things Australian. We'll keep you posted on what's up down under.

After a long break, and in my birthday week, here is That Happy Feeling - Episode #88.

Featuring the music of Aussie indie band - Junior 

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Ambles to the computer desk, pulls back the chair, dusts down the microphone, thinks to self, has it really been 12 months, fumbles a few words and gets back into it.   Just like falling off an ocean liner.   

Tonight, we re-introduce ourselves. 

Find us now at iTunes - That Happy Feeling - or   To subscribe you should be able to go to either iTunes, or to . 

Be gentle with me, it's apparently been 12 months. 

We talk tonight about Australia's forthcoming Carbon Tax. 

Mod's Wine of the Week is an Orion's Belt 2008 McLaren Vale Shiraz. 

We finish with one of Australia's great Aussie indie bands, "Junior', from South Australia, who are still on My Space.  If they've moved, I'll let you know next show. 

It's wonderful to be back. 

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Back behind the mic. after a 3 month "hiatus".   New Mac, New Mic., hopefully new enthusiasm to continue. <p>

Australia has a new Prime Minister, our first woman PM, Julia Gillard. <p> 

My 5th year of podcasting anniversary is 1/7/10.(1 Jul). <p>

Music by Junior. 


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That Happy Feeling #85. <p>

OK, I know it's been alsmost two months.   Blame it on the new iPhone.   i'm still getting my head around that.<p>

Tonight I re-introduce myself, talk briefly about the sad loss of a young surf lifesaver from Queenscliff on Sydney's Northern Beaches, talk about the fact that the Labor Party lost a state election in Tasmania and appears to be hanging on by the skin of its teeth in South Australia. <p>

Mod's Wine of the Week, introduces a Hunter Valley, Elizabeth 2004 Vintage Semillon, with a dud cap, and we finish with<p>

Junior, a great Aussie inidie band.  


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That Happy Feeling #84. – The Australia Day Edition. A chat about Australia Day and a potted history of European settlement from 26 January 1788, but acknowledging that the aboriginal people have called Australia home for 40,000 years and see 26/1 as Invasion Day.

I can’t change perceptions, but can acknowlege concerns so for those concerns are acknowledged here.

Mod’s Wine of the Week is a Cudal (Cumulus) 2006 Rolling Chardonay

An amalgam of Welsh Choirs finish off. Did I tell you that Mum’s Dad was Welsh?

Don’t be a drunken, racist yobbo on Australia Day! Enjoy yourself. ! Happy Australia Day.

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and we'll see you just before the New Year.

Drive safely, don't stress out too much and enjoy the period. If you get to spend it with children, even if they're not your own, so much the better.

Tomorrow, Christmas Day, I'm heading up to the central coast, basically across to the central coast, to the North of Sydney. A nice ferry ride first, then a friend of 50 years will pick me up and I'll spend Christmas with him and his family. 4 generations, and lots of visitors, so it'll be a good time. I'm staying overnight which means that I can have a drink or too and not worry about getting home. The forecast earlier in the week, was that it might be a wet Christmas Day, but if today's anything to judge, unless there's a late storm, it should be warm and sunny tommoow. Merry Christmas, Peace, Health and Fellowship to you all.

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Episode 82, a fair while in coming, so I apologise for that.

We talk about my leave, up to the wineries of Mudgee.

My jury service

Botobolar 2008 Marsanne

Music by Junior

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Dusting off the gear. Can I still do this.

After the Victorian Bushfires, the Royal Commission.

Hardy's OoMoo Shiraz

Music by Aussie Indie legends, Junior

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Where did January go?

Victorian Bushfires

Mod's Wine of the Week - 2008 Annie's Lane Chardonnay

Music by Kerrianne Cox

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THF Episode, 79.

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Merry Christmas folks. I wish you peace, joy, and the contentment of sharing your day with family and friends if you can.
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That Happy Feeling - #77

Psycho Magpie

Kayak Police


Go Manly – 40-0

Mod’s Wine of the Week – McGuigan Black Label 2007 Merlot

Music by Kerrianne Cox from her Return to Country CD. CD Baby rocks for Aussie indie music.

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Tonight we talk about our recent trip to the Barossa Valley in South Australia.

Rail by Countrylink

Coach – by Firefly, and Barossa Valley Coaches

Stayed at:

Welcome Mercure, Melbourne

Adelaide Hilton

Barossa Motor Lodge

Walking visits in Tanunda, and to: Peter Lehmann Wines

Cockatoo Ridge Wines

Local Tour by Winelover Tours

Meals at Tanunda Hotel

Flight Home by QANTAS

All in all it was a Grape Escape.

Music from her Return to Country Album, by Kerrianne Cox

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Tonight we talk about New South Wales politics and how silly it is.

Late news. Since I created the file it's got sillier, but I'll leave that for next time.

Going away for a few days to South Australia's Barossa Valley Wine Country. Will have a sip or three for you. Red, or White?

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Episode 74 - Originally produced mid July. Sorry about the delay.

It should have been edited, and updated, but here it is.

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Sorry about the delay in uploading this show, which was recorded a week ago.

Small talk, forgive the cold.

Mod's Wine of the Week - Indigo Ridge, 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon - a very nice drop. Music by Junior

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That Happy Feeling - Happy 4th

, Intro - The Business


Happy 1st and Happy 4th


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Happy Easter, to those who celebrate it.

This afternoon we're live from Manly Beach, the southern end of the Manly Warringah/Pittwater peninsula. My boyhood stomping ground,still full of generations of memories for my family and one of my favourite places.

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Sorry for the break, but we're back.

Tonight we talk about:

The Wettest February for Sydney in over five decades.

A seamless OSX 10.5 Leopard Instal on the trusty, crusty Ibook G4.

Sorry Day

Australian Federal and State Politics - currently all Labor (Social Democrats).

Upcoming visit of the Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria Superliners to Sydney this weekend.

Mod's Wine of the Week is a Jamieson's Run 2004 Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon - Not a bad drop.

Music by Aussie Indie band Junior

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Episode #69.

We discuss, Cory Delaney,

The saga of the Sea Shepherd,

The Drayton Family Wines Fire, in Pokolbin, NSW (Hunter Valley Winegrowing area).

Music by Junior.

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Episode 68 is the New Year's Eve Ep.

I wish everyone peace and prosperity for 2008. Particularly the Armed Forces of countries serving in warzones and as peacekeeping forces, be they Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, civilians or whatever. I pray for your safety and that you'll get the chance to rejoin loved ones soon.

Happy New Year gang.

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Merry Christmas to you and those you care about. Its Christmas Eve, and as I was preparing this on Sunday night, I decided to try to make the shows a little more regular in 2008. Haven't quite faded, maybe just in the lurking phase for the past coupla months. I wish you a safe, peaceful Christmas and a prosperous, joyful 2008. May we as indie podcasters, doing just for the halibut show there's more to this community than the need to make a fast buck. May we be sincere and supportive of our brother and sister podcasters, and may we continue to have fun doing what is so much fun. In the words of the Ubercaster - "Peace and Be Wild, Y'all". To much wine and not enough production value meant that all you get tonight, dear listener is me talking. No intro, no music, no outro. Sorry about that. We'll give you more Junior in episode 68.
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It's been so long. Sorry about the lapse. Hope to be a bit more regular now that summer is a comin in. We talk about the forthcoming Federal Election here in Australia. Music by Nellie Donovan.
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A long break away, mainly caused by work etc but as Tim and Emille say "We're Back". Tonight we talk about: APEC Australia's equine flu pandemic Drugs in sport. Music by Nellie Donovan
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Tonight, its mainly about my recent experience singing at the Sydney Opera House. On Sunday afternoon and evening I was in two concerts with the Choir of Hard Knocks, a Melbournbe choir formed by Mr Jonathon Welch, who previously formed the Sydney Street Choir, having been inspired by the story of Accueil Bonneau, the Montreal Homeless Mens Choir; a story he read in the Readers Digest about five years ago.

What an amazing experience.

Music by Junior

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Happy Canada Folks

Put Another Moose on the Barbie.

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We talk about the storms that have hit NSW over the last couple of days.

We trial run my new Edirol R-09 on a wet and windy Sunday afternoon.

. We enjoy the music of Aussie indie band, Junior.

Storm Stories from the Sunday Telegraph.

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We talk about the storms that have hit NSW over the last couple of days.

We trial run my new Edirol R-09 on a wet and windy Sunday afternoon.

. We enjoy the music of Aussie indie band, Junior.

Storm Stories from the Sunday Telegraph.

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A bit of a cold puts a dampener on tonight's episode.

Remembrance of friends, ANZAC Day, and the prosepect of change are all on my mind at the moment.

Music by Peggy Van Zalm, from CD Baby.

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Episode 61. A brief chat about the Royal Easter Show.

Smoke gets in your eyes, and your nostrils,and your house, particularly if your microwave goes up in smoke, literally.

Music by Peggy Van Zalm.

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Tonight is Easter Monday, for some of us. Its a time of reflection, an acknowledgement of the fact that we can do something with our lives, for the rest, enjoy yourselves and be kind to one another. Tonight we (me) will talk about:

The Royal Easter Show

Stop, Revive, Survive


Queen Victoria Building

Amateur Traveller Podcast

A Year In Europe

The Podcast About Nothing

Spine Radio

Peggy Van Zalm's Light Diamond CD is another amazing example of Aussie indie music you know you'll hear at That Happy Feeling

. Goes without saying, "Thanks Bruce": .

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It's good to be back behind the mic. After a fairly long absence.

Tonight we talk about yesterday's (24/3) New South Wales State election and the win by Premier < a href=>Morris Iemma and the Australian Labor Party It was always going to be hard for the Opposition Leader, Peter Debnam, and the Liberal Party, but they performed creditably and will work hard to keep the Government on their toes and ensure that the State has an alternative plan in 2011 should the people so vote.

A hat tip to Bruce Murray's Zedcast and also Spine Radio, two of my favourite shows.

Music by Aussie indie wondergirl Peggy Van Zalm which you can buy from CD Baby

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We now have light, and power, and a brand new Rode Podcaster USB microphone, thanks to the people at Videoguys Australiawhose service was exemplary.

Just a quckie cast tonight because it was broadcast in the dark, just on sunset, in a power blackout, following a severe rainstorm, which made for a very interesting bus ride home; flooded streets etc. Still we got here safe and sound.

Tonight's music is by Peggy Van Zalm from her Light Diamond album, which can be purchased from CD Baby. Her songs such as Crazy Daze, Distant Hearts and Mercy, are fantastic, and you'll hear more in the weeks to come. Finally, kudos to Canadian Podcast Buffet for its excellent podcasts. The latest featured a wonderful roundtable with a couple of irrepresible luminaries, and that's not to mention Bob and Mark, who are themselves irrepresible. Catch you shortly folks. Ciao!

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Good evening everyone, sorry about the pause between podcasts. Tonight, its basically my talking about the visit to Sydney on Tuesday 20/2/07 of the Queen Mary 2 and the Queen Elizabeth 2, with a dash of earlier historical visits by their namesakes, during World War 2. I think I was out in my years, i.e. saying the first visit was 1942, but that's your exercise for the week. Google "queen mary" + "queen elizabeth" + sydney. and you'll discover a few links telling about the earlier visits.

My Flickr Photos of the Queen Mary 2. Sorry folks, its as close as I was willing to get. Tonight's Aussie indie music is by Peggy Van Zalm, from CD Baby.

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. OK we'll call the absence, my summer break. Sorry I haven't been around for a month or so. Work and all. But in the words of the Immortals "We're Back".

Tonight we talk about the omnipresence of sharks around the Australian coastline

And also jingoism on the eve of Australia Day

and finish with a song by Tom Haran, whose great album Calling, is available from CD Baby.

Happy New Year folks. I think it will be great for podcasters and podcast listeners. What are you up to?

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Happy New Year folks.

Tonight we feature Tobi Gutt, a woman's bad hair day, Paris Hilton, andthe Sydney (S-Y-D-N-E-Y) New Year Fireworks.

Music by Tom Haran, from his Calling alburm, which is available from CD Baby.

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Upload attempt No. 2.

An alarmingly high number of young provisional plate drivers, and their passengers are being killed in motor vehicle accidents in NSW. 49 this year. What do we do to stem the carnage?

Music by Tom Haran, courtesy of my CD Baby account.

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A very short show. Music by Tom Haran.
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:45pm AEST

Apologies for the delay.

Winetasting Weekend, Wow.

Pre birthday banter. Happy Birthday Cat & Son of AJ.

Music by Tom Haran, from CD Baby

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The not so scarey Happy Halloween edition. Just watch out for miscreant High School students with eggs.

Tonight we talk about the Sydney Food and Wine Fair, the Kyoto Treaty and global warming and Sheikh Haj El Tilally (who's in the news for all the wrong reasons).

Music by Tom Haran

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The General and his geeks.

Condolences for te families and friends of those high school students killed in Kadina, NSW.

Music by Junior

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Welcome to the Golden Anniversary Edition of That Happy Feeling.

Why can't I mount my USB Mic. onto a mic. stand.

The funeral of Peter Norman, Silver Medallist Australian Olympic sprinter from 1968 was memorable because of the participation of Tommie Smith, and Mike Carlos who were his principal rivals in that race, but with whom he shared a special moment and a lifelong friendship.

Music by Nellie Donovan. Tonight's celbratory wine is a bottle of 2006 Koonunga Hill Chardonnary. Not a bad drop with cheese and biccies. And we all know what cheese and biccies are, don't we.

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Back after delays caused by a busted hard drive on the iBook G4. The replacement came with an upgrade from Panther to Tiger, but I've changed Podcast aggregators and am still mucking around importing data.

Its footy finals fever weekend in Sydney and Melbourne this weekend. Grand finals in Aussie Rules and Rugby League.

Music by Ann Marita.

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Trying out the new mic.

Getting ready for Happy Feet

Vale Steve Irwin

Music by Junior>

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A quickie-cast. Not much going on.

Work, the curse of the podcaster, unless your work is podcasting.

Music by Junior

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Busy, busy busy, tonight's episode is again take #2, and its always encouraging and heartening to hear those great and good podcasters one respects basically have the same grief as us humble toilers. Australian Census

Mr Sleepy misses his stop

Dark Speed - A Whole Lotta Space

Music by Nellie Donovan

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A comment about the problems win Lebanon, from an Aussie perspective.

Listener comments.

Morrie meets metal (heavy metal

Music by Nellie Donovan.

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Welcome to Modspot, which starts out as a "filler" during the technical difficulties currently being experience at That Happy Feeling

Music by Nellie Donovan

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Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians and Happy 4th to all those from the USA. Hope your celebrations were safe, but fun.

Coronial Investigation

Big Brother

State Against State

Canadian Podcast Buffet

Spine Radio

The Zedcast

This podcast celebrates the idea of being a baby-boomer. Curse you Dave Slusher - Nice tshirts though! .

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Commisserations to the Socceroos. Well played lads. Thanks for doing such a great jobs. Hope yo had a chance to enjoy the tournament.

Situation vacant. Get paid to harangue a bus driver.

Podcasters Across Borders - Well done team.

Music by Nellie Donovan

The producer and anchorperson of this podcast would like to apologise for the frequency of the term "You Know" in this, and last week's show. Should there be an apostrophe in there?

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It's all about the Soccer!

Soccer Shout

Harry Kewell

David Beckham

Mark Vidulka

Guus Hiddink

Music by Nellie Donovan

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A short show tonight.

Well done the Soccerooos.

Roger Gillies Deranged Moose

Music by Nellie Donovan

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Tonight's podcast is all over the shop.

Instability in East Timor.

Indonesian Earthquake

Australian/Indonesian relations

Himalayan Mountaineering disasters

Mountain climbing ethics

Scott of the Antarctic

Roald Amundsen

Music by Nellie Donovan

Gumtree Music

Podcasts shamelessly plugged on this show include:
MacAU, Podshow About Nothing, Deranged Moose, Island Podcasting, Chub Creek, the Zedcast, Podcasters Across Borders, Bob & AJ, and Mark, and the fair citizens of Halifax who inhabit Spine Radio..

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The Rain Check Show.

Rain on a tin roof doesn't necessarily make for good audio so we'll keep it snappy.

Podshow About Nothing & The Guiness World Record Morning Tea Attempt - TPod

Daily Source Code 390 - Promo

Music by Nellie Donovan

Direct download: That_Happy_Feeling_38.mp3
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That Happy Feeling #37 Weather Repoort

Catfish 100

Beaconsfield Tasmania, Mine Rescue

Richard Carleton - RIP

Sophie Delezio - Get Well Soon

Backyard Blitz

Music by Nellie Donovan

Gumtree Music

Direct download: ThatHappyFeeling_37.mp3
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Anzac Day (25 April ).

They Shall Grow Not Old

Music by Nellie Donovan

Direct download: That_Happy_Feeling35a.mp3
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The Royal Easter Show

Cole Enquiry

Music by Junior

Direct download: ThatHappyFeeling_34.mp3
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Cyclone Larry - Price Hike.

Commonwealth Games Wrapup
Daylight Savings extended
Sierra Leone assylum seekers etc.
Womens Relay
TV Coverage

World Tech Rankings

Angry Koala Fights Off ThiefThis article contains what some could consider strong language.

Music by Ann Marita.

Direct download: ThatHappyFeeling_33.mp3
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Cyclone Larry
News Reports
Australian Defence Force (ADF) Assistance

Where the B.. H... Are You

. Music by Ann Marita

Direct download: That_Happy_Feeling_32.mp3
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The XVIIIth Commonwealth Games, opened by Queen Elizabeth II, begin officially tonight. The Opening Ceremony is going on as this podcast is being produced. The swimming and sports events commence tomorrow. Hope all athletes, judges, competitors and spectators have a great time.

Music by Ann-Marita

Direct download: That_Happy_Feeling_31.mp3
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Mr Husky isn't really all that well,so sorry about the quality of the vocals (mine).

Fairly gratuitous waffle.

Music by Ann Marita

Direct download: That_Happy_Feeling_30.mp3
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Plan A was to do a show on Sunday, which turned into Monday, and may have to wait until Friday. We had a sudden cool snap for a day or two after a hot weekend, and today was warm again, so I've picked up a short term throat thingy and the voice is husky, I'm clearing my throat every minute or so and I've a bit of tickle. Its a slow news week down under, so, with your concurrence I'll wait until Friday, before which I'll dose myself up with throat lozenges etc, maybe try a medicinal rum or two to hurry things along. By that time the beer will be cold, the microphone humming and I'll be itching to give you all the goss'.
Category:general -- posted at: 8:04pm AEST

Shown The Love

Here's Binky

Music by Ann Marita

Direct download: That_Happy_Feeling_29.mp3
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Flat out like a lizard drinking, but have to make time for a show. Its the caffeine of the new millenium.

The Bali 9

My Frappr Map

Feel The Love

Music by Ann Marita Next Week In Sharks

Direct download: THF_28.mp3
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Aussie cicadas - noisy beggars

Cole Commission of Inquiry

Cole Classic.

This Week In Sharks

What Bears Do

Music by Ann Marita Note: The transition to the song is a little loud folks. Have your trigger finger on the volume button.

Direct download: ThatHappyFeeling_27.mp3
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White Pointer attack in Western Australia.

Shonky Food Storage Practices.

Shonky Food Labelling Practices.

Housing Market Concerns

Music by Ann-Marita

Direct download: ThatHappyFeeling_26.mp3
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Happy New Year Folks.

We start with: Shark attack on North Stradbroke Island.

Shark Meshing.

Research Whaling vs Greenpeace

Julius Sumner Miller.

Cafe Press.

Bob & AJ Beer Stein.

Vic Bitter

Music by Ann Marita

Direct download: ThatHappyFeeling_25.mp3
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A brief run through of my Christmas, Boxing Day and the past few days.

A short review of Goodnight and Good Luck, which was fantastic. Hopefully it's Oscar material.

Dept of Immigration issues

Happy New Year to All.

Music by Junior

Direct download: ThatHappyFeeling_24.mp3
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Three nights before Christmas, Yada Yada Yada, the only sounds heard were those noisy cicadas.

Tonight we speak about Australus;

That portrait, and take the opportunity to wish our listeners a safe Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Music by the Goanna Gang

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It seems as if its been longer than a week since the last podcast, but that’s all its been.

Of mice, and cat, and family.

Drama at Cronulla

Music by Junior

Must start shopping for Christmas, time is running out!

Direct download: ThatHappyFeeling_22.mp3
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A short show after a long break.

We talk about the by-election in the State seat of Pittwater, Federal politics etc.

Dr Steve Lives.

Music by Junior

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Thanks to Dave & Gary, from Chub Creek, and Cat and Bob from the Catfish Show for the shoutouts and comments over the previous week or so. Much appreciated folks.

. News:
Nguyen Tuong Van - Waiting for Destiny..

Michelle Leslie

US Congressman John Murtha - A Man of the Year.

. Frappr is an incredible product and a great tool to check your plan for world domination. My first forays into Frappr were somewhat bizarre mainly because I inserted a 5 digit US postcode for my 4 digit Aussie postcode, and ended up seemingly coming from Gunpowder MD, rather than Sydney, NSW, Australia. But they have now enhanced the edit function so we are back on the map, in the right place, although its kinda weird that there are 2 Australias in the world view.

Music by Junior

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Morrie's Birthday Cast - 14/11/19xx

Podcast & Portable Media Expo

Jan Polet's Hit Test

Music by Junior

Direct download: ThatHappyFeeling_19.mp3
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Remebrance Day in Australia.

The sound in places is a little dodgy. Sorry about that Chief. Ned Kelly

The Armistice

The Dismissal

Music by Junior

Direct download: That_Happy_Feeling_18.mp3
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I'm absolutely stoked (people of a certain age still use that term, don't they?). Last night's podcast, albeit a little longer than normal, actually uploaded from home without any problems. A big "onya" (good on you, mate) to the people. I think it might have something to do with the extra grunt in their servers lately.
Category:general -- posted at: 6:35pm AEST

We talk about the Melbourne Cup, "the race that stops the nation", Australia's pending anti terrorism legislation, the latest pilot whale beachings in Tasmania.

We thank: Catfish Show, - thanks for the shoutout, or did I say that last time.
Bob & AJ, Mostly Tunes and the whole Rogic not so evil empire.
Island Podcasting
Dave Gunning,and

Music by Junior.

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The concluding part of a Salute to my Podroll.

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Part 3 of a Salute to My Podroll.

Tonight saluting the podcasters of the True North.

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Huge thanks to Bruce Murray of the Zedcast for graciously allowing me to borrow a snippet of his great musical arrangement. 'Onya mate!

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A quick look at Yahoo Podcasts

Part 2 of a Salute to my Podroll. Today it's the Commentary Section (revisited).

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Part B, of Episode 12, continues my perpsective of the Bali bombings of 1 Oct 2005.
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Part 1 of a 2 Part episode about my reaction to the Bali bombings which occured on 1 October 2005.

No music in this section.

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Just an update on what's been going on. Big issues with uploading podcasts. Frustrating, possibly router or firewall issues.

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Problems attempting to upload podcasts over the last week or so. Normal service wll resume ASAP. Unsure whether this is a Mac issue, an Isp issue, or a Libsyn issue.
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Episode 10 - A tribute to the podroll, with more in Episode 11.

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Episode 9 is memories of a USA trip "ridin' the dog" in 1982, part of which included a very memorable couple of days in New Orleans. Tonight is a great time to remember the place, the sites, the smells, the people.

Your continued support of the Red Cross is appreciated and vital. Leave the finger pointing and reciminations until the people are safe and the repairs have been effected.

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Take some time to offer what support you can to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

There are sites and lists of suitable charities and organisations peppered across the web.

Red Cross and the Salvation Army are two sites that immediately come to mind. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have suffered as a result of this catastrophe.

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Another short episode. Still testing and trying to overcome upload issues, which I thought had been resolved, but persist.

Brief discussion about the resignation of the NSW Opposition Leader and also about the Forbes Conference, scheduled for the Sydney Opera House on 30/8/05.

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Thanks to Marty and the Libsyn team for tweaking things.

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Testing mp3 upload. Drama for the last few days. Normal programming will resume asap.
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That Happy Feeling - 6b - Ignition Failure This is the non mp3 (text only edition). I've been trying to upload for the last three days. The mp3 file has been trimmed to about 26 mb. Still doesn't want to upload. ISP check seems to validate the ISP so unsure what the issue is. One of the things I had planned to talk about was Tech Rage. (Tarzan like yell). Hopefully we'll be back in cyberspace in the foreseeable future.
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Just a short test to try to figure out what's causing upload problems at the moment. Haven't been able to upload for the last two days. Admittedly the file was about 29mb long, but that should be well within the quota. We'll have another go tomorrow, and investigate other avenues.
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Better late than never (I hope). An explanation for the delay in this podcast.

What's Up Down Under
Google Earth - No Peeking
Blood on the Pooldeck.(Swimmers' Body need not Apply)

Music by Junior - Maybe She's In The Next Town.

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Domain name change. Test only.
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NSW Premier resigns. Music by Junior
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Still here for Episode 3. Talking about the London bombings, Australia's counter terrorism efforts, and also the current big media backlash against indie podcasters. The t shirt is on its way, thanks to Rob of Podcast 411, and CafePress.
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Apologies for no podcast on Wednesday. Nightshift, brain fried etc.

London Bombings - Aussie perspective.

Dogs -Are sick dogs "faulty goods"?

Harry Potter - who cares.

Extracts from the Hot 100 List. Thanks for listening, feedback welcome.

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Podcast No. 1. A short one as we go live after two tests (A1 and A2) available below. Music is Saturday Morning, by Direct download: That_Happy_Feeling_1.mp3
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Tonight's show is Test No. 2 before we hit full production mode. I still need to tinker with an intro, an outro, maybe find a few sound effects etc, but its mainly comment with an Aussie song at the end. Enjoy! Show Notes: USS Kittyhawk Mars Bar Tampering
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Test No. 1 for the Podcast. Please excuse my cold.
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This default podcast has been automatically generated by the libsyn system. Feel free to delete it at any time. Welcome to Liberated Syndication, and happy casting
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A quick look at Yahoo Podcasts

Part 2 of a Salute to my Podroll. Today it's the Commentary Section (revisited).

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An Aussie perspective of the recent Bali bombings.
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My Hat Tip to the True North, as part of Episode 3 of a Salute to My Podroll.

Tonight I say thanks to those Canadaian podcasters who regularly bring me a heck of a lot of joy and good cheer just for the halibut.

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